Showcase Quick Tips for Success!

Balconi Quick Tips for Showcase Success!

  1. Adjust to time zone:  Try to keep on normal time zone routine, while adjusting to the new.  Don’t nap during the day if you usually do not.  Go for a walk, stretch, etc.
  2. Hydrate:  Always have a water bottle in hand, as player reaches closer to match, sip on power/Gatorades.
  3. Fruits and Veggies to hydrate:  Fresh foods can help with hydration as well.  Snack up.
  4. Adequate sleep:  8-9 hours, NO more than 11+ hrs which will cause the opposite effect on players and make them feel lethargic.
  5. Eat easy:  Every player is different; Each player needs to eat what is easy on their own stomach.  Typically lower in fat, fiber and leaner protein the better.
  6. Have fun!:  Soccer is more than the 90 minutes, it’s all the factors around the game that make these weekends a true success.  Enjoy family, friends, laughter and the atmosphere, how lucky are you!?

Day of arrival:

  • Hotel:  Shower to loosen up and wake up
  • Team session:  Light dynamic as team, fun skill
  • After team session:  Cold shower or pool for muscles

Team Meal: Dinner:  High in energy (pasta, brown rice, potatoes, etc), lean protein (Grilled, baked)  Fresh:  Veggies and water.  No fried, greasy foods.

Snack before bedtime:  Frozen yogurt, trail mixes, fruits, veggies, mix half Gatorade, half water, etc.

Example of day:  2 game outline(2pm Game time & 8pm)

10-11am:  Biggest meal

3-4 hr: Biggest meal before game.

  • ¾ Energy:  Granola’s, yogurts, sandwiches, fruits, pancakes, pasta’s, rice, fruits, veggies
  • ¼ Repair:  Leaner meats, eggs, dairy, etc.

12:30pm:    Half meal-snack

1.5-1 hr before game

  • Half PB sandwich, Energy bar and fruit, bagel, etc.

1:15-1:45pm:  If needed

15-30 min before game:  Last minute snack (Banana, orange, power bar, etc)

Sip on half n half(water-power/Gatorade)

2pm:  Game

  • Halftime snack:  Honey sticks, oranges, banana’s, fruit chews, etc.
  • Cool down:  After game, dynamic cool down:
  • Refuel:  Snack 30 minutes to replenish!  Fruits, bagel, chocolate milk and fruit, bars and fruit, etc.  Lots of water!
  • 1 Hour after game-Eat! 

8pm Game time: 2nd game

4pm-5pm:  Eat Big meal but easy on each specific player needs(3-4 hour repeat, 1.5 and etc all repeats. )

After game:  Eat meal that settles well.  Replenish, Re-fuel and Re-pair foods.

Bedtime:  11pm-11:30pm- Aim for 8+ hours of sleep.

3-22:  One Game in Mind-Late Afternoon.

  • Morning team skill session, dynamic, etc.
  • Mandatory Breakfast
  • Big meal at lunch time(3-4 hours before game)
  • Apply eating schedule to 5pm game time.
  • Dinner will be key to success for AM game.
3-23:  AM game:
  • Eat what settles well.  If player cannot eat that early, try a liquid shake, toast, fruit. Dinner the night before becomes even more important for this player.  Water at all times.


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