Summer training has officially started at Balconi Top Training!  We are now in a brand new facility,  Balconi Top Training facility 2014 is now equipped with:  A main front door, with a welcoming lounge where two huge comfy black couches sit.  Along with chairs that line a side of the launge area.  As you walk through the doors, on your left hand side you will see an office and thats where you will see Lindsey working away behind her computer.  You will also see a matching black L desk next to Lindsey, with plenty of stuff everywhere; Researching tools spread out, new protein and energy bars spread out, protein powder tup, a shake, laptop, i-pad and paper sheets with notes, etc.  That clean and precise looking desk is Renee’s and you will find her there only if she has a meeting, or in between a session.  Across from this office room, you will see the staffs office and that’s where you will a much bigger room with Dresden and Shane’s desks.  Once again, you will quickly notice a similar scene;  Shane’s desk happens to look very similar to Renee’s…and Dresden’s very organized and clean, similar to Lindsey.  (This is why Balconi works:)  The walls are filled with fun pics and stats like a frame holding the names and schools of each college kid we trained and our a part of our Balconi family.  As for additional facilities in the lounge;  Womens and Mens restrooms, showers and use of a fridge and microwave. Finally, you walk through the glass door and BAM!  A 9,000+ square feet, fully turfed with an equipped-padded weight room.  Another players lounge on the left, where the players chill, store away their stuff and usually sleep-eat with other Balconi buddies.  It’s very lively in the main hub of the Balconi Top Training facility, with natural light shining through the windows in the weight room, and the breeze is so nice coming through 4 huge loading dock garage doors and soccer balls being kicked everywhere.  Our walls of the Balconi Top Training facility are painted white with huge black Balconi logo’s and words of Balconi that we live by.  FAMILY, PASSION, CONFIDENCE, WEAR YOUR CONFIDENCE and THE NEXT LEVEL on each wall that surrounds the turf and weight room.

The coolest part of what makes this new Balconi home so amazing;  It’s truly the kids home.  We are just lucky to be able to help provide a place for them to feel normal, yet challenged, confident and just be a place where they can breathe.

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