50+ College players training daily at Balconi: What do they all share in common?

At Balconi this summer we have over 50+ college players committed to train bright and early!  Each one of them brings a different backround, different style of play, different greats, different personalities, expectations and a different list of goals for the upcoming season.  As trainers, we look at this wide variety of players and think:  Different mentalities, levels, strengths, size, speed, skill, tactical play, visions and etc.  So, how do we make this summer program at Balconi a success for each one of these players?  Time, commitment, education, communication and simply stated:  Love.  We simply love them, we care, we listen and we become just as passionate if not a bit more about their goals they have set for themselves and team.  As we always say;  Too much of anything is never a good thing except for love.  As I have listed all the different variables that lie within this college group, they all carry one main trait;  Yes, love.  AKA:  Passion…for the game of soccer.  As long as this powerful trait is always present within themselves and within Balconi, then success will be accomplished.

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