Five High schools commit to Balconi Summer Pre Season Training=One big family.

For the past three years we have selected and earned the opportunity to train/work with five different high school soccer programs.  We jump start the summer pre season training usually the first or second week of June by going off site to their home fields two times a week.  Each session is voluntary according to the high school rule books, but almost every player shows up for every team, which is awesome!  The Balconi summer sessions run one hour or more and consist of all the Balconi tools:  Soccer specific training, skill, speed, agility,plyo’s, injury prevention, sports yoga and nutritional tips.  The idea of Balconi off site training is to bring Balconi Top Training to them.  The main theme or feeling I should say felt inside of our Balconi Top Training facility is family.  A family full of the abnorms I’d like to call it.  The athletes at Balconi Top Training are the ones that do “one more”.  For example, the team had a two hour practice and everyone goes home….except for the one or three players who drive to Balconi to train for one more hour.  Why?  Passion.  The drive to stay or get one step ahead.  This passion and family atmosphere is what we strive to bring to each one of our high school teams as well.  So, who are our Balconi highschool teams, let me introduce you to our extended families:

1.  Mason Highschool soccer teams:  2012-13 State Co-Champs D1

2.  Mount Notre Dame(MND) soccer team

3.  Badin Highschool soccer teams:  2013 State Champs D3

4.  Indian Hill Soccer teams:  2011 State Champs D2

5.  Lebanon Highschool teams

All five of these high school programs truly committ, work hard and remain consistant all summer long.  Each player shows up, works 100% and commits to something way bigger than themselves:  Family.


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