3 more Balconi players called to US National Team Camp!

Before we say anything more:  All credit goes to these kids, period.  They each have worked hard, shown their “greats” at the right time and have earned every bit of this opportunity to showcase their “greats” at the highest level this Fall.  In addition to our current Balconi- US players, we have had three more young ladies get the awesome call!  MA Vignolia and Malia Berkley will report into the U18 US womens team camp and Sam Leshneck will report into the U20 US Womens team camp this month.  Each one of them have bumped up their training even more at Balconi, some coming 3-4x a week on top of highschool practices-games.

How we train these players?  Our #1 priority is keeping them healthy.  A lot of times playes at this level suffer from the wear and tear of never having a break, so we try to reduce the pounding as much as we can.  Another trait a lot of our players tend to share that “makes” them, but also “breaks” them at times, is the trait of not knowing when to stop.  They just keep going, because their passion-drive is never ends.  We don’t take that drive away, we just push the brakes and take smarter routes on the appropriate type of training and when to speed, when to go below the speed limit..make sense?  Confidence comes from showing these players what they are great at and what roles they fufill in life and on the pitch.  At the highest level every player is good, so we help our kids figure out what their “greats” are, then how to showcase that to fufill a certain role.  We want our players to be the definition of what they are great at, the best, so no person is confused about what our players bring to the pitch and off.

Lastly-  We make sure our kids get what being a “pro” is all about.  It takes so much more off the field discipline to compete and be the best on the pitch:  The correct nutritional fuel intake daily, getting enough sleep, recovery methods, keeping the grades up and staying balanced as a daughter, sister, friend, etc.  Reaching this level of a “pro” is so much more then the level of accomplishment itself, or the reward of being honored at such a high level …Being a Pro is about being at their best, while helping those around them be at their best as well.  It’s about living life bigger than themselves and being a role model for others and so much more.

I say all this because MA, Malia, Rose, Sam and all our other US players in the past-present are exactly that:  A true pro and we are so proud of WHO they are.  Wear Your Confidence!


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