U20 World Cup USA Team-Balconi player: Rose Lavelle

I always want to be careful on how much we announce our kids accomplishments and how much attention is brought to their accomplishments…especially if it’s a special person like Rose.  Yes, many of us like the attention and want the outside praise of others.  As we should, we have worked hard for such accomplishments.  Rose absoutly deserves such praise and recognition for her outstanding accomplishments with the US team and all other listed awards you could find if you google.  Here’s the thing, Rose would perfer to not get such attention, in fact, she’d rather have an hour conversation with you about her dog, or record funny video clips with her teammates during Balconi sessions, or silently foam roll and listen to a funny story of another Balconi player.  Basically, Rose is one of the most humble, genuine, well rounded and true role models I have ever had the chance to coach…or play next to, or even meet in my life.  I’ve been blessed-lucky enough to have been around some great professional athletes, great CEO’s of fortune 500 companies, and historical coaches in my life…yes, alll very different and so wonderful in their own ways.  Hands down, none as humble and fun as Rose.  So, this article will be short and sweet, for it is nothing more than a shout out to someone who deserves a much louder shout out then I could ever give her.

Rose Lavelle earned her self player of the match as we watched her play against Brazil this August at the U20 World Cup in Canada.  Rose plays center mid for the US team and she plays the full 90 minutes of every match.  I could go on about her special talent on the pitch and the leader she has proven to be not only for the US team but for her college;  Wisconsin, and at Balconi Top Training….but I won’t go voerboard, as I know this post alone will be too much for Rose.  Short and Sweet:  Proud of you Rosie, you trained hard at Balconi since you’ve joined up couple years ago and this summer, there was not one day at Balconi that you let yourself or team down…you trained hard and smart.  This is just the beginning for you and even though you don’t perfer the spotlight, I hope it continues to shine on you because you are the perfect role model for many.

P.S.  Show off your greats!

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