Hey ! So today was pretty great (: this morning’s session ran pretty long (a duration of and hour and 40 minutes). Goalkeepers came out early and we did reaction shots and saves today. I swear ate are the best protein pancake today because about 90% of the saves I made were caught and held without bobble in my hands. I was so solid this morning. I was pretty happy but kept a level head bc I knew it could turn in a second. I love shot stopping so this morning was everything I love to do. We did these fun drills where you had to stack a cone, come back in the gate, save a shot, then get up and do that 5 times. I loved it. Next we did crossing the goal with a reaction shot. And this was tricky. He was at a distance where I wanted to break the angle down and make myself as big as possible…but also I could set and try to save it. It was tricky…so I didn’t save too many on those bc I was confused with my hand positioning. He noticed my struggle and I talked it out with him. After that we went with the team and did transition play with finishing. I was doing well until a fed had a really nice chip to the other fed and she headed it in the top corner. Hah I was like

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