Hey so today went well as well !(: we just had the inter squad. Since rose got hurt on the second day and has been out since then, the 1st pick gk got a full game for the blue team and the other 2 got to split the gray team (2nd pick got 1st half) …I got 1st pick ! So I got the full game, had a solid warm up, didn’t miss anything. Played a solid, shut-out 1st half. I made a save, cleared the traffic and threw it to the outside fwd, she beat one man and dished it off to our fwd who scored it first time in the back of the net ! We were up by 1 leading half. I had a 1v1 save, a save off a header, read a through ball and intercepted it, made all but 1 distribution pass( it was a bit further up and got intercepted…) but second half came around, we mixed up our line up, put players where they weren’t comfortable and so I had to work harder organizing and sort of teaching outside backs their position as the game went. I had a lot more to do save wise and to be smart and conservative. I saved a breakaway, intercepted 4 through balls, made all my distribution out. But, on a corner the ball got defended out, the attacker hit it from the 18yd box up into my upper 90. I back stepped and tried to get it but couldn’t. By that time we were up 3-1. Later in the half a fwd got in beat a few players down the flank and shot it, I didn’t get down to make the save bc it was going wide…but it had this weird soon inward on it as I watched it. It hits the back post and goes in. I couldn’t really believe it but that’s how it ended. Through that whole game I only took one long goal kick that cleared 10yards past half. All the others I played out to my defense.

It was a huge stress this camp to build out of the back and to possess and build as much as possible. Goalkeepers are consistent players who do what they’re supposed to do with occasionally saving the team’s ass every now and then. We’re not supposed to be the game changers or ones to stand out, just do as we’re supposed to- keep the ball out of the net in the 4 yard gap we stand in. Everything else is merely a tip of the hat to get… I was taught that the USA wants a goalkeeper. Not a shot stopper. A shot stopper is just someone who deals with shots and can keep them out…while that’s a big part of the job, being a goalkeeper is instructing, getting ready, seeing what’ll happen, being prepared and taking care of everything before the save, completely THE save, and then the distribution and cues after the save. Most of what we do is ‘before the save’ ...I thought I had a good showing of what I can do this week.

Just one training tomorrow and an individual meeting with the coaches tomorrow on how they think I did then I’m home free (:

Can’t wait to get home after tomorrow (:

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