Balconi Top Training provides our six tools for success to take the athlete to the next level. We have trained athletes who have excelled to play at the U.S. National level and earned scholarships to play at some of the top colleges in the nation.

It’s never easy to impress a professional fitness buff, but I have to say, Renée inspired me. That workout was awesome and she is such an incredible person!

Sergio Rojas, Men’s Fitness

Renée is awesome, and I loved the workout. It was the perfect addition to the program. I felt invigorated!

Matt Bean, Men’s Health

I am super excited at the possibility of using Renée as a fitness expert for SELF. I love hearing her workout tips and her encouragement just makes me want to push myself. I know she could do the same for our readers.

Marissa Stephenson, SELF

I love Renée! I will never forget the inspiring workout she gave at Summer House when she kicked my butt into shape. She has an amazing way of making you want to work harder, and it makes me love her products even more.

Zandile Blay, The Huffington Post

Athlete Testimonials

While at Balconi Top training, not only has my strength, speed, and agility improved, but I have also overcome a long-term injury. I would not be where I am today without Renee’s and Lindsey’s limitless motivation, care and friendship. They have helped me so much with every aspect of being an athlete and are a true inspiration. Their actions speak volumes of what people are capable of when they are passionate about what they do. Balconi Top Training goes beyond working out; it builds a work ethic and a family that will take you far in whatever you do and wherever you go. I am so grateful to be involved in the program. The Balconi team has taught me two of the most important lessons — “Wear your confidence” and “live life bigger than yourself.” I can’t wait to continue training to be the best I can be.

Rachael — Cincinnati, Ohio

Before Balconi my endurance and speed was average at best. But after coming to Balconi my speed has increased drastically and my endurance and core strength is fantastic.

Sydney — Loveland, Ohio

Balconi Top Training has helped me in all aspects of my game. I gain confidence with every training session. Not only has my performance improved, my nutrition has changed dramatically. I am now physically and mentally ready to play in every game thanks to Balconi. And in the end family is all that matters and having the Balconi family behind me is the best feeling in the world.

Sami — Mason, Ohio

I started training at Balconi a few months ago and I have never in my life been in this good of shape, mentally and physically. They have educated me on every aspect of being a top athlete from strength and agility, to nutrition, and most importantly they showed me how to wear my confidence. They have pushed me to limits I didn’t even know existed in me and it’s their push and support that I’m able to thrive off of. They really care about you as a person, and not just an athlete. When you train with them,you are part of a family.

Liz — Cincinnati, Ohio

My experience with Balconi Top Training has been off the charts. From soccer training to strength/agility/and speed training, the level of intensity is always at its highest along with the enthusiasm that Renee’ and Lindsey bring to the table through the entire session. Your performance level instantly increases when you’re in an atmosphere where anything less than your best is unacceptable. As an athlete, you have to learn to push yourself and challenge your body to go beyond the limit its thinks it can go, and with Balconi Top Training it forced me to push my limits and from that I received great results. I love training with Renee’ and Lindsey, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for future sessions!

Haleigh — Charleston, WV

After I tore my ACL my number 1 concern was getting my knee strong and getting speed and ball skills back to what they were. By going to Balconi my speed and ball skills are coming back and continuing to improve and I am getting much stronger than I was before.

Anne — Loveland, Ohio

I like Balconi training because it combines skills and strength into one fun training session. Also, their high level of very specific, technical training is not offered by anyone else in the area.

Montana — Cincinnati, Ohio

Balconi has really helped my confidence and made me a better player in so many aspects. I’m stronger and more able to shield people off the ball though I am only 5’3″. My sprints are tremendously better and my touch on the ball has improved so much. Balconi has also taught me that personality shines just as much as skill and ability. I can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve allowed me to achieve.

Claire — Cincinnati, Ohio

Since I have been at Balconi I feel more confident when taking someone one on one, and this has increased my chance of making varsity. I also feel like my shot has been stronger each time I practice.

Taylor — West Chester, Ohio

Balconi Top Training has helped me so much since I started. Once I started training I saw my performance on the field changed greatly. I am now a faster, stronger, and more physical player thanks to Reneé and Lindsey’s hard work to push me to make me better. When training, everything is intense, but you learn so much. One thing that is great about Balconi is how you learn about your nutrition and what I need to eat before and after games, and when preparing for games. I have loved getting to know Reneé and Lindsey and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Megan — Cincinnati, Ohio

After coming to Balconi I feel stronger and faster. I have more confidence with the ball on the field, and I rarely get pushed off the ball.

Allison — Cincinnati, Ohio

I like Balconi training because, if you mess up on something at a game, you can work on it with them, and then the next game you get it right! I also like how fun it is and how we do different things- like boxing… not just soccer!

Mia — Cincinnati, Ohio

Balconi Top Training is the best in the business. They take a personal interest in each and every player, helping them reach their full potential. They positively challenge athletes to not only meet their initial goals but to surpass what a player even thought was possible. Renee and her staff have trained our high school team for the past 3 years. They are our foundation and a critical component of our success as a high school program.   Balconi Top Training is not a business; they are family.

Amy — Cincinnati, Ohio