Soccer-Specific Training

In all of our training sessions and programs, we offer knowledge, leadership, and skill directed at your sport. Each sport has different athletic demands, and we provide training that is developed for that specific sport.

Speed & Agility

We educate each athlete on the importance of technique and body control of speed training, while enhancing their overall explosiveness in speed and agility.

Strength & Endurance

Our strength and endurance programs are designed to make the athletes perform with increased power and extended stamina. In order to do this, we use equipment and methods such as resistance bands, boxing, stability ball, weighted physio ball, and much more.

Sports Yoga

We use yoga to strengthen the core and alignment of our athletes to prevent injuries as well as recovering and replenishing their body and mind. Our sports yoga program educates the athletes on the importance of the core, balance, flexibility, and breathing techniques.

Sports Nutrition Education

An athlete’s nutrition is one of the most important aspects of being able to compete at the next level. We design nutritional programs for individuals, teams, and/or organizations that will help the athletes reach the next level. Download Balconi Food Journal Here

Injury Prevention

We provide new and up to date methods of how to prevent injuries among athletes. We educate the athlete on how to perform these preventative techniques throughout their season and offseason.