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The Balconi Team is comprised of experts that are passionate about helping athletes find success. We believe in making each one of our athletes confident and strong in all areas of life, not just their specific sport. We truly care about our athletes and their families, and will help them reach the next level.

Reneé BalconiReneé Balconi

Reneé Balconi offers competitive experience as a former professional athlete who competed internationally and nationally. Renee’ is certified in personal training, sports nutrition and has extensive knowledge in pro performance training and sports yoga. Reneé is also known as a “fitness expert” with nationwide magazines and websites, where she provides fitness and nutritional tips. She also provides motivational speaking for professional organizations, colleges, high schools, club youth programs and individuals.

Reneé Balconi played soccer for the University of Cincinnati and became the first women’s soccer player to sign a professional international contract. She began her professional soccer experience in Iceland, and continued playing professional for six years. During her off seasons, she continued her education in the pro performance area by training and working with other professional athletes. She worked beside and was trained by some of the best pro performance trainers, yoga instructors, injury prevention specialist and nutritionist worldwide.

Balconi Top Training has been evolved by Reneé taking her passion of helping others find their happiness. She finds ways to build confidence within athletes which allows them to be successful in achieving their goals. Reneé believes in family, respect, professionalism and success, and creating a company that lives that.

Lindsey NoteboomLindsey Noteboom Balconi

Lindsey is a Texas native who earned a professional soccer contract right out of college. She turned down her contract to follow her passion, which was to coach athletes and lead them to success. Lindsey is certified in personal training, sports nutrition and is the Balconi Top Training soccer and speed specialist.

Lindsey attended the University of Cincinnati, where she started and played all four years for the women’s soccer team and earning the role of captain her senior year. Lindsey has been involved with pro performance training for numerous of years, gaining experience as being a trainer and training with other professional athletes. Her dedication and drive for helping athletes achieve their goals is what makes her a Balconi Top Trainer.

Lindsey brings balance and stability to Balconi Top Training. She has found ways to integrate unique training and sport specific training into one, allowing all our athletes to reach a higher level of competition. Lindsey believes in keeping things simple and keeping the fun in the game.

 Shane Noteboom

Shane Noteboom is from Fort Worth, Texas where he has grown up playing sports. Shane pursued his passion for soccer and chose to attend and play at Westminster College. Shane not only started and played all four years at Westminster College, but he was selected captain his junior and senior years.

Shane has been a part of the Balconi Top Training team for the past four years. Shane participated in the Balconi College Summer Programs, and also interned with Balconi where he assisted with training on and off site.

Shane is continuing his education and working on his U.S. soccer licenses’ with a goal of achieving the “National A.” He is also in the process of earning his NESTA certification. Shane is extremely excited to join the Balconi family and to help athletes achieve their goals.

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