Lindsey Noteboom Balconi

lindsey-noteboomLindsey is a Texas native who earned a professional soccer contract right out of college. She turned down her contract to follow her passion, which was to coach athletes and lead them to success. Lindsey is certified in personal training, sports nutrition and is the Balconi Top Training soccer and speed specialist.

Lindsey attended the University of Cincinnati, where she started and played all four years for the women’s soccer team and earning the role of captain her senior year. Lindsey has been involved with pro performance training for numerous of years, gaining experience as being a trainer and training with other professional athletes. Her dedication and drive for helping athletes achieve their goals is what makes her a Balconi Top Trainer.

Lindsey brings balance and stability to Balconi Top Training. She has found ways to integrate unique training and sport specific training into one, allowing all our athletes to reach a higher level of competition. Lindsey believes in keeping things simple and keeping the fun in the game.

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